swing combo Productions

In the spring of 2022 Orquesta Swing Combo was dealt a devastating loss when our leader and pianist Miguel “Mike “ Perez was called to the Lord’ We will sorely miss him and his performance “he always gave his best”. This page is dedicated to Mike and his Family, Friends and fellow musicians, “never stop performing till the last note is played” This page is in his honor as we continue in his memory  to make new music and continue the legacy of our heritage.

Jeffrey “Jazzy” Lopez is now the Musical Director of Swing Combo. Jazzy made his debut in the 80’s and 90’s performing with Adalberto Santiago, Tito Allen, Ray Barretto, Celia Cruz also throughout the 2k era and beyond Jazzy performed with DLG, Johnny Rivera, Ray Sepulveda the RMM Band and Willie Colon to date.

Swing Combo Productions will feature its new branded logo to the public in 2023 with a new website and new venues offering clients a broader range of products for their events. SCP can now offer a wide range of services in the entertainment business. 

  • We can be an opening cover band for a featured Artist 
  • Swing Combo can open for an Artist at any concert or a featured event. 
  • Festivals and private events are a vital source of our business which allows us to provide our clients with many alternatives to make their event successful. 
  • We work with Festivals Organizers, Community Chamber of Commerce Organizers and public officials to obtain contracts for festivals and concerts which afford us the opportunity to offer a wide range of services to our clients. 
  • We are also internationally affiliated with organizers in Colombia, Panama, Peru, Venezuela, Santo Domingo and Puerto Rico.          

Also in January or 2022 I released a new production titled “La Rumba Y Yo” Gilberto Velez Presenta Swing Combo under Ovation records of which can be found in digital format on all platforms including www.ovation-records.com 

We have also been blessed to have recorded our very own “Plena Bomba”  Celebrar La Navidad which can be found on you tube for you to enjoy. The cd and many more new things to come will be introduced by the website. 

Thank you for your continued business with us, we are so blessed to have you as our customer. Let me start by saying thank you again for your continued support with hiring Swing Combo for your most special events.